No, as with many things in life, everything is about moderation – just like the body needs some sugar, but if you consume it in large quantities in every meal, it becomes detrimental to your your health. PV is a safe technology by all reports. However, like every technology, there are inherent but acceptable risks. In solar systems, studies (see here and here) show that a risk factor in solar systems are connection points and component hazards. They are needed to some degree, but as an industry we should make sure to keep this risk factor as low as possible, so that it’s not damaging to the industry’s health. Since microinverters and DC optimizers increase the number of connection points and components significantly, it is not good for the industry to require this technology in every system. Therefore, a code requirement like Module Level Shutdown should not be pre-maturely adopted, before better alternatives, as outlined under “Our Vision”, are available. Furthermore, it is necessary that codes and standards ensure the same high levels of safety for every technology. With over 90% of all new residential systems featuring DC optimizers or microinverters, there is an urgent need to address this problem.