UL 6703 was an attempt to ensure intermatability between connectors form different manufacturers. To get this certification, both manufacturers are required to submit their products for testing. However, it has not been widely adopted yet and is hard to enforce as AHJ’s typically do not go on the roof to inspect systems. Thus, it is not a good solution for the mismatching issue that MLPE devices exacerbate with a much higher component and connection count. In addition, with so many different products required in a PV system, enforcing such a standard becomes extremely difficult, given the low probability that installers, designers, and purchasing teams are all paying close enough attention to the products being purchased and whether or not they are certified together. Furthermore, UL 6703 does not resolve all the other connector related issues, such as installation error, force on wiring and aging – all of which, when not minimized increase the probability of arcing and PV related fires.