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"Module level shutdown puts unintended pressure on solar installers in terms of costs, complexity, and more time spent on the roof. This is not the best way to keep our industry safe and viable."

Andrew Abel
Clean Energy USA
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"Module Level Safety should be built into the Modules, not as an additional cost or an added component; simply an added point of failure."

Jason Eiseman
Wellspring Components
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"Fixing Module Level Shutdown requirements will not only increase job safety and product reliability but also provide the homeowner with peace of mind. A satisfied customer means a stronger solar industry!"

Clayton Hanks
CH Electric
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MLPE have their place in the industry, but should not be a code requirement.  Some customers enjoy the various monitoring & shade tolerance benefits offered by MLPE, but requiring MLPE adds unnecessary cost and increases overall system complexity.  Array level shut down (690.12 NEC2014) has proven to be safe, cost effective & reliable.

Mark Horst
King Solar
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"Solar is a safe, tested technology. While it's important to continually affirm the safety of updated components, we need to balance that with removing barriers of entry for consumers, installers and developers. Safety and economic viability are not mutually exclusive in solar."

Adam Rochford
Midwest Greentech
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"Reliability and cost matter. Higher failure rates means more time spent on the roof. More time spent on the roof means more risk for the installer."

Sky Sims
Ecological Systems