To support the mainstream adoption of distributed solar, every customer should have choices when it comes to equipment, based on healthy competition in the market. In our vision, codes and standards should not limit options, but allow for a level playing field.

We want to see customer choice and thus do not want to prohibit any technology. However, we would like to have better and safer options available for everyone and we want that codes and standards ensure the same high levels of safety for every technology. When needed, installers should be able to choose Module Level Power Electronics (MLPE) and such, but it should not be mandated for the entire industry. Module Level Shutdown should not automatically mean Module Level Power Electronics. Today, there is only a false choice.

Module Level Shutdown (MLSD) can be chip-based, module integrated and based on SunSpec, an open industry standard that enables innovation, competition and customer choice. This way, the benefits of MLSD for service technicians and fire fighters are balanced with solar installer protection, simplicity and affordability of systems, as well as overall safety and reliability.


The 6 principles outlined below define a better way for the solar industry: